Restaurant Construction

-Restaurant New Construction-

When it comes to restaurant construction projects, you need a general contractor especially experienced with designing restaurants.

At R.J. Harris Construction, we have completed countless quality custom restaurant construction projects and can ensure that your restaurant build-out will meet every legal standard.

Choose us as your go-to general contractor for restaurants. We have the workmanship and integrity that you can trust.  Your involvement is important to us. We will work with you so that you have an honest estimate and realistic timeline to complete your custom restaurant construction project.

-Remodeling & Renovations-

R.J. Harris Construction specializes in restaurant renovations and remodeling.  Our services are easily fine-tuned to your specific needs and will help create your vision.

According to The National Restaurant Association, most businesses do some form of renovation every 5-7 years.

When you are looking for a restaurant renovation or remodeling contractor, be assured that R.J. Harris will get the job done. No matter what kind of commercial remodeling or renovation project you may have, Harris Construction is up for the challenge. We take pride being one of the best commercial renovation companies in the Houston area.

-Brand Re-Imaging-

On average, companies typically update their look and brand about every 7 years. As one of the top commercial general contractors and Houston restaurant builders, R.J. Harris Construction knows this process well.

Whatever restaurant brand reimaging that your company needs,  our commercial general contracting services will prioritize customer focused modernization so that your brand can dominate the industry.

When looking for a restaurant construction company near you, consider R.J. Harris Construction. We will get the job done above and beyond expectation.

-Facility Maintenance-

One of our many commercial construction services is restaurant facility maintenance.

Retaining our restaurant construction services for your facility maintenance means you only have one point of communication when managing your maintenance. You do not need to keep a list of different service providers to maintain your building. As your restaurant maintenance company, we will help maintain the longevity of your investment.

Let us know what you need, and we will deliver. The  partnership that we have, is our priority.

-ADA Compliance Upgrades-

Making your restaurant ADA compliant is a must. As with all restaurants, having your restaurant meet ADA  requirements is required by law.

With our experience in restaurant construction, food service ADA compliance is second nature to our work and always integrated in our designs.

If you find that your restaurant is in need of ADA restaurant upgrades, such as a parking lot handicap stencil or bathroom disabled equipment, R.J. Harris Construction can delver.

-Deep Steam Cleaning-

R.J. Harris Construction offers Commercial Kitchen Deep Steam Cleaning to restaurants. The commercial grade steam cleaner we use cleans at a temperature of 338°F. Superheated steam is blended with detergent to attack grease and residue.

Timeframe – Depending on the Kitchen size and hours of operation cleaning can range from 1-4 days to complete. If the unit is closed this can usually be completed in one-day.

Contact R.J. Harris Construction for a cost estimate for your Kitchen and to discuss the options available.